2005-2006: Carcavelos: dispersão / a cidade dual


  • Tiago Miguel Pimenta Coelho


Most of us will seek in the near future, permanent places where we would live in small groups and where we will set up our office or workstation connected to the Web site of our company or employer. This process will allow a greater diversification of the workplace, and an increase in leisure time and will generate a new Hybrid model home and neighborhood that will attract an elite group of tele-workers, specialists in different sectors - a new generation of creators. We will found a new urban unit , bringing together urban housing, employment, trade and local recreational facilities, cultural and small-scale support. And that could allow a new return to city centers, and the rehabilitation of vacant or decaying urban areas; definitely makitn viabile satellite cities and reversing the flow of people coming from rural areas to the city. And rethink the concept of Nature. The new DUAL CITY.




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Coelho, T. M. P. (2014). 2005-2006: Carcavelos: dispersão / a cidade dual. Sebentas d’Arquitectura, (6), 165–175. Obtido de http://revistas.lis.ulusiada.pt/index.php/sa/article/view/1850



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