Introductory note

Tania Gaspar Sintra dos Santos


The “Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychology” is a multidisciplinary scientific journal that aims to publish the results of new research and interventions in psychology and related sciences, in these age groups. It serves as a dissemination vehicle of research and practice on several current subjects of high relevance in the scientific areas related to Child and Adolescent Psychology. It is a forum to meet and discuss experience, ideas and research, fundamental to the professional development of psychologists, teachers, researchers and other professionals, as well as students.

The Journal involves and integrates various approaches and theoretical frameworks, focusing mainly on an ecological and developmental perspective. We seek original articles, review articles, articles of applied research, letters to the editor, comments, and also case studies in the areas of Health Psychology, Clinical, Education, Work and Organizations, Criminal and other disciplines that work with or are involved with child and adolescent psychosocial development.

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