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n. 1 (2009): Special issue on knowledge management The influence of clients, as a dimension of the relational capital, on the product-process innovativeness Resumo   PDF
Helena Santos Rodrigues, Maria do Rosário alves de Almeida
n. 4 (2012) The interface between cultural intelligence and customer satisfaction: the hospitality "perspective" Resumo   PDF
Neelu Rohmetra, Pallvi Arora
n. 1 (2009): Special issue on knowledge management The internationalization of Portugal telecom and its impact on the company's organizational structure Resumo   PDF
Manoel Justiniano Melo da Fonseca, Joaquim Ramos Silva, Ana Maria Ferreira Menezes
n. 6 (2014) The paradoxes of quality Resumo   PDF
Olga Silva, Estela Vilhena, Gilberto Santos
n. 3 (2011) The perception of competence appropriation in intermediate professional education Resumo   PDF
Sílvio Luís de Vasconcellos, Patrícia Bohn, Sérgio Migowski, Cláudia Bitencourt
n. 5 (2013) The transformation of wholesale (B2B) telecommunications products into true services Resumo   PDF
Luis Costa
n. 3 (2011) Thermo-economic optimization of CHP systems: from large to small scale applications Resumo   PDF
Ana C. M. Ferreira, Manuel L. Nunes, Celina P. Leão, Senhorinha F. C. F. Teixeira, Ângela M. Silva, Luís A. S. B. Martins, José C. F. Teixeira
n. 2 (2010) To tweet or not to tweet, that is the question – social media as a missed opportunity for knowledge management Resumo   PDF
Tim Wright, Stuart Watson, Daniela Castrataro
n. 1 (2009): Special issue on knowledge management Unification of international law as the facilitator for the development of knowledge based economy Resumo   PDF
Branislav Malagurski
n. 5 (2013) Waste collection vehicle routing problem considering similarity pattern of trashcan and garbage unloading Resumo   PDF
Somayeh Fooladi, Hamed Fazlollahtabar, Iraj Mahdavi
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