Definition and a conceptual model for organizational schizophrenia

Elizabeth Real de Oliveira


The main purpose of this research paper is to understand and define the concept, scope and dimensions of organisational schizophrenia. This concept is argued to be of valuable importance for the field of human resources. A definition of organisational schizophrenia is presented both by addressing existing literature and also from applying a qualitative exploratory approach using focus group discussion and interviews. The main conclusions of this research are that organisational schizophrenia is an important concept that should be further clarified and studied. From the focus group there is some agreement that the analogy is very useful for understanding some phenomena within the organizational behaviour realm. Actually, organisational schizophrenia is more than just a metaphor, since its understanding can result in practical implications, such as identifying symptoms and the application of corrective actions.



Organizational schizophrenia, Metaphors, Organizational behavior.

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