Internet of things and smart cities: towards a sustainable future

Vítor Pereira, Francisco Fernandes


In this paper we explore the concept of “smart city”, which is likely to drive the digital economy forward in the coming years.

The paper starts by explaining why Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) holds the promise of creating new opportunities for improving the quality of our lives. Also, a global information and communication network superstructure is emerging as the Internet morphs into the Internet of Things (IoT). IoT will help to meet a considerable number of current challenges in literally all application domains, in addition to contributing to sustainable growth.

The article then concentrates on the “smart city” concept, which is achieved through the use of ICT-intensive solutions in order to solve complex challenges and meet objectives regarding overall development. Some of the most important application domains of the pervasiveness of IoT-based technologies are presented, in addition to examples of smart cities currently under development.



Information and communication technology (ICT ), Internet of things (IoT), Smart cities.

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