Enterprise content management systems potential to support human capital management initiatives

Miguel Neto, Carlos A. Fernandes


Enterprise Content Management Systems (ECMS) and the Enterprise Information Portals (EIP) they support are being increasingly referred in the literature as one interesting technological solution to help organizations in their knowledge management initiatives. This paper seeks to explore the hidden potential of enterprise information portals delivered by ECMS to support knowledge management initiatives, namely human capital management, through the usage of social network analysis on research results and co-authorship/cowork relationships that may suggest ways to more effectively utilize knowledge capital and other organizational resources. For that purpose in this paper we will present field research results on human capital assets management based on EIP data repositories using social network analysis. This evaluation will be made through the use of social network analysis techniques applied to authorship data from papers published in international journals with refereeing covering the last twenty years of research activities from a Portuguese leading research institution in the field of telecommunications - Instituto de Telecomunicações (IT).



Enterprise content management systems, Enterprise information portals, Knowledge management, Social network analysis, R&D Activities.

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